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Upgraded the off-site hard drive storage location today.

Got a little update newsletter going out soon. Want to be on the list? Just hit me up here or drop a line to

Day 40. Wrapping up Philly. #vanlife. (at Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia)

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Day 39. @shefreynolds digiteching in Philadelphia at a location we may not have been permitted for. W/ @tniceee (at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

@dlux08 locking it down in Philly. Day 38. (at Philadelphia)

Regram @tniceee #vanlife in the embassy district. Day 37. Washington DC. (at Washington, DC)

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Day 36, DC! #vanlife. Regram @tniceee (at Washington, DC)

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Location scout. Detroit style. Day 34. (at Detroit, Michigan)

Day 33. Detroit. (at Detroit, Michigan)

Day 32. Detroit! Dropped by @delilahsimone’s new shop. (at El Dorado General Store)

Cleveland talent. Day 31. #regram @shefreynolds

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Day 30. Somewhere between Cleveland and Columbus. Regram @kevingladwin

Back on the road! @kevingladwin in Columbus on day 29. (at Columbus, Ohio)

Loving what @lifecurated did with the images from our latest shoot 😍